There is a wide range of accessories accompanying surf. Some of them are usually essential and others are a bit more decorative, less urgent, but they can help to make the sport more pleasant. Among the most useful accessories, there are:

One of the basic accessories is the neoprene suit. The purpose of this suit is to warm up and thus, extend the surf sessions for several hours. This suit actually lets some water come through, but it is a very thin coat acting as a sort of membrane to help keep the heat. The suit thickness is generally around 2 millimetres, although its size varies on winter suits (between 3 and 5 millimetres). Chest and back are usually reinforced with a rubber panel helping these parts not to get cold.

There are other types of suits called neoprene “dry suits”, that are more expensive and, at the same time, thicker, mostly intended for diving and also “spring” suits, having short sleeves and legs.

Today, thanks to scientific development, lighter, elastic materials with high heat retention have been created. Nowadays, surfers can go into almost any water.

Another useful accessory is usually the lycra T-shirt, whose purpose is not warming up but protecting the body from the sun, the grazes against the boards or, even, the grazes of the rubber suit itself.

Today, there is a hybrid between neoprene suit and lycra T-shirt, called neo lycra suit, combining lycra elasticity with neoprene warm up.

Other accessories usually used in winter are boots, gloves and hood. Boots can be between 2 and 3 millimetres thick and gloves and hoods, two millimetres.

Other type of accessories may be board accessories, such as paraffin, derivative of petroleum, spread on the front part of the table, creating a non-sliding surface. Paraffin helps the feet to stick, preventing us from sliding.

Other important accessory is the cover. Although it may not seem so, having a good cover protecting the board from scratches or cracks is essential. The ideal covers are the ones having walls padded with expanded polyethylene, that cushions the bumps it may suffer on a trip or movement. Sometimes, they have thermal components helping the board not to become overheated. Some covers have a series of straps and items to tie them up to the roof.

Other useful accessories can be surfboard thermometers (they are stuck to the table and indicate sea temperature), rubber sandals, waterproof sunglasses, waterproof watches, surf T-shirts, resistant swimming pants, small sticky bags, waterproof mp3 players, nose and ear plugs.

Nowadays there are endless accessories on the market a surfer can use to make its practice become a unique, comfortable and successful moment.

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