The best option will always be to have a board specially designed for your interests. Thus, it is important that you are familiar with the materials composing a surf board. Below, we will basically and simply explain the board making process.

First of all, it is very important that you know that surf boards are white polyurethane foam-based. This is what your board has inside. The foam block has a glued wood rod in the middle (it can be poplar, raft, pine or other) crossing it all along. This rod is called Board Soul and its main purpose is to make the board bending more resistant. Without this rod, the board would break, since it would not bear the pressure exerted by the water and the surfer’s weight.

The board shape is determined by a shaper who, helped by several tools, assembles the block with the ordered dimensions for the figure, tail shape, rail rounding, curvatures, etc.

In general, the shaper complies with a manufacturing order, requested by the surfer, who has previously evaluated what type of board he wants, according to his needs. This order includes the size, shape and features of the board.

The first step is basically choosing a good quality pure foam to shape the board. This process is carried out through electric appliances choosing board templates and drawing the figure, which is afterwards cut. After checking the length, width and thickness measurements, the shaping is carried out, that is to say, they begin to shape the rails and the rocker measurement and the bottom concavity is worked on. Finally, the marks for the keels to be afterwards inserted are made.

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