The two types of surf, shortboard and longboard, extend the variety of boards according to the different needs of the surfer. Among them, there is the size and shape of the board, the type of surf to practice (more or less aggressive) and the type of wave to surf on.

Some of the more common boards are:


There were the boards with which surf became known on the 50s and 60s and that, throughout time, have been able to be repositioned during the middle 90s. They are recognized for its great size, usually 3 meters. They have a round nose and they can add from 1 to 3 keels. Their advantage is that they can be used in smaller waves and, due to their great stability and floating ability, surfing standing on them is easy. They are ideal to surf on waves breaking slowly and gradually (Malibu, Waikiki), where you can be standing for a longer time. It is not ideal for filtering underneath the water, due to its floating ability or for surfing on waves whose size increases too much. Another disadvantage is usually their price, a bit higher due to the number of elements taken into account when manufacturing it. In general, they are used for less aggressive, more stable surf, where the surfer follows the wave till it breaks; this is called “Soul surfing”.

Funboard or Mini Malibu.

This is a kind of hybrid board, that is to say, crossing two different types of boards. This board combines the long board stability with the maneuvering ability of a short board. It is a good board for somebody beginning to surf. Its greater advantage is that it can fit different environments, such as big or small waves. They have a good nose volume and, contrary to the short boards, they are not very pointed. They are usually near 2.50 meters long.


This is another hybrid board, whose size varies between 2 and 2.70 meters. It is similar to the previous one, but it has even greater manoeuvrability. It has greater size, floatation and impulse than a regular short board. It has a medium stability and is easily driven in all types of waves. It is ideal for the Atlantic coast, such as Argentinean coasts.

Gun and Mini-Gun.

Gun board is a special board, for a more daring style. It is a long board with short board profile used for big and steep waves (usually very fast) requiring to row quickly and quite a bit in order to catch them. The board can be between 2.50 and 3 meters long, and the rails are less curved than in regular boards, to make it faster and allow for longer turns on big wave walls. The Mini-Gun board is even more manoeuvrable. Its weak points are its fragile balance, thus, it is recommended for surfers that have been surfing for some time. These types of boards are usually used in waves such as the ones in Brazil and Chile.

Becker Kids.

This is a special model for children between 6 and 12 years old, beginning to surf. The tip is usually round and smooth to avoid injuries. Sometimes the front surface is covered with rubber to help cushion the bumps. This board has good volume and floating level helping to catch the waves.

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