First of all, we need to define what surf is and what it consists of. Thus, we will be able to know what the useful items are for each stage of the practice.

Surf is a sport discovered in 1778 in the Hawaiian Islands; it came into fashion in the United States and the rest of the world in the middle of the 20th century. It basically consists of sliding on a specially designed board –a hydrodynamic board- among sea waves, taking advantage of their impulse and driving the board towards the direction wanted. The board is driven on the waves through the keels, a set of pieces that direct the movement on the board rail.

The surfing process has 5 stages:

Immersion with board in hand: This is the first stage; you should check the equipments and accessories you are going to use beforehand.

Searching for the correct wave: In order to do this, you should take into account your learning level, the type of board to use -determining what type of surf you will practice- and, finally, the type of wave you can ride.

Following and riding the wave: Cautiously, you should wait for an appropriate wave, sometimes this can take a couple of minutes until you can find a good wave to surf.

Movements on the wave: As we will see, there are several movements and tricks established by surf. These can be carried out both leaning and standing over the board. The idea is to practice on less deep sea surfaces, and then gradually increase its difficulty.

Wave exit: This moment is usually more complicated than it seems to, since many waves usually drag you towards the shore or take you to the bottom.

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