The aim of our site is to show you a series of products related to surf. Surfer market is very broad, since there is a wide range of specific products to properly play this sport. Our site will provide you with the information you need about the products existing on the surf circuit. We will spend special time in the board, since it is the item defining this sport.

Surf is a sport with special features, and this causes people playing to have incorporated certain words, incomprehensible for somebody outside the surf universe. Thus, for somebody taking the first steps in this sport, it is essential to understand what the surfers mean when they talk about certain accessories, suits or types of boards.

The aim of our site is to take you to this special universe, through the products displayed on the surf market. When we talk about these products, we refer to boards, suits, lycra T-shirts, plasma boots, socks, caps, boots, gloves, sunglasses and accessories such as paraffin, grips, change bags, covers and refreshers.

Each of the items used by the surfers have a specific purpose within the sport. The material used to build a board, its weight and shape are aspects defining the sport. Completely different results are achieved when changing these elements. Somebody just beginning to surf finds it hard to understand the importance of aspects that, at first sight, can be considered details. Therefore, this page will provide you with the information you need to become familiar with the surfers’ world, their practices, habits and the accessories they use.

In surf, the movements carried out with the board have an essential place on the sport practice. The most common movements are Take Off, Cut Back, 360, Bottom Turn, Re-entry, Floater, Tube, Snap and Air Jump. The success of each of these movements depends, to a great extent, on the board the sportsman uses, besides his skill. Its shape, weight and material determine the movements the surfer is able to make.

Our Web site will allow you to enter into the surf universe, be familiar with the products needed to effectively play this sport and understand what the slight differences between one product and the other are, determining very important variants. Below, we will provide you with the information you need to successfully surf.

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